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About Swope Designs, Inc.

John Swope (BSEE) founded SDI in 2003. He performs the majority of the work on typical projects himself. He has been inventing and building things literally since he was 4 years old. That's when he got his start, by disassembling his sister's toy sewing machine and figuring out how to get the motor to run. John graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of the Pacific, with a 4.0 GPA in engineering and related courses.
Besides starting Swope Designs, Inc., John has founded two other hi-tech startups. He has successfully brought new, innovative products to market. His cross-disciplinary technical expertise combined with his entrepreneurial experience help him see the big picture and keep each client's best interest in mind.
Prior to starting his own businesses, John gained professional experience at 3 major corporations (Intel, HP, Lockheed-Martin), giving him a diverse range of expertise now made available to every project.
One of John's main goals is to build a relationship of trust, integrity, and responsibility with each client.

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