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Advanced Capabilities:

  • Analog & Digital circuit design
    & Schematic Entry
  • Embedded Systems design
    (Atmel AVR, Cypress PSoC, ARM7, Motorola, Microchip PICs)
  • Control Systems design
  • Sensor based systems (e.g. Accelerometers, gyros, pressure, rotary position, linear position)
  • Advanced firmware algorithms:
    • Extended Kalman filtering
    • Optimal state estimation
    • Sensor fusion
    • Quaternion based state representation
    • Robust time-triggered, determinant firmware
  • Motor control (Brushed DC, Brushless DC, stepper, servo)
  • Circuit simulation
  • Autopilot and stability systems design
  • Data logging (e.g. SD Cards, microSD cards)
  • GPS based systems
  • Power conversion systems design
  • LCDs, touchscreens
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB/PCA Fabrication & Assembly Outsourcing

Additional Capabilities:

  • Mechanical component design
  • Computer simulation for mechanical component fit and function
  • 3D CAD/CAM capabilities
  • In-house CNC Milling for quick-turn mechanical prototypes.
  • Plastics, sheet metal, and composites design
  • In-house electronics lab for development and testing of prototypes
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